What makes us so special

The Hawaiian Dance Company in Toronto is proud to be the first and only authentic dance company to come out of what is most likely the smallest ethnic minority group to exist in Ontario - The Polynesians/South Pacific Islanders.  Just so you have an idea in Ontario there are less than 30 full blooded Indigenous South Pacific Islanders (Hawaiians, Tongans, Samoans, Tahitians, Maori etc.) and most of us are related. The Hawaiian Dance Company was started by a Polynesian mother, who moved from these South Pacific Islands to Toronto in the early 1970's, and her daughter.  The mother, La'aina Mo'ungaloa, is a Fahu (Chief of her family).  La'aina's family business back home  'The Good Samaritan Inn' in Tonga had the countries best ' Lu'au show' for 30 years regularly frequented by the Tongan Royal Family.  Check out more about our beginnings on our ABOUT US page.    We take pride in presenting an authentic showcase of our culture featuring the most exciting dances, songs and costumes of the islands straight from the heart of Polynesia.


The Hawaiian Dance Company is a team of dancers that brings our native tropical island dances to your event.  We perform at all sorts of venues including:

  • homes
  • backyards
  • corporate office spaces
  • hotels
  • banquet halls
  • restaurants
  • night clubs
  • theme parks
  • street festivals
  • community centres
  • senior homes
  • hospitals 
  • etc. 

Unfortunately we do not have a permanent lu'au show or space that you can come to to see our show:(

How do I get pricing?

Click the button below or click on the PRICING tab in the navigation menu above. 



  1.  Contact us to make sure our dancers are available. 
  2.  Add the services you want to your shopping cart.
  3. Pay for your show and you are all done.

Basically you can book your show online in 10 minutes.


A 10 Foot X 10 Foot area is sufficient. If you're getting the amazing fire finale please make sure the ceiling height is at least 15 feet high. If this space is not available we make it work.  We have even danced on the edge of a diving board below a full pool! Basically if the dancers can stand they can dance on the spot.  It's all about the hips:)


Please provide a room or closed off area for the dancers to change in private.  In your home a spare room would do the trick.  In an event space the bridal suite, if it's free, or another change room would be perfect.  Unfortunately bathrooms are not acceptable due to the amount of costumes the dance company comes with. We ask that you sort this out in advance before the day of our event. 


You the client must provide free or validated parking for the dancers. Each dancer travels separately so if you hire 5 dancers we need 5 parking spots.  If you are hiring your dancers to come to your home please let us know whether we can park in your driveway or tell us about the closest street parking.  If you are hiring dancers to perform at a banquet hall please make sure their is either free visitors parking or that you pay for or validate parking.  Please sort this out in advance.  There is a section in your contract that will ask you where we are to park.  We want to make sure that on the day of your event everything runs smoothly and that dancers are not delayed because they cannot find parking.

CAN I PAY MY SHOW VIA E-transfer, cash or Cheque?

  You can pay us via:

  1. EMAIL TRANSFER:  Send your etransfer to TheHawaiianDanceCompany@Gmail.com  NOTE:  Let us know that you would like to do this and we will send you an email contract to fill out. 
  2. CASH: We do not accept cash. 
  3. CHEQUE:  If you need to send a cheque in the mail please ask us for the correct address and please send it with plenty of time for us to receive it and deposit it.


What Happens During the FIRE FINALE?

The fire performance is the finale to our Hawaiian hula show typical in most lu'aus in Hawai'i. Our fire show is one of its kind in Ontario Canada and is the only authentic South Pacific fire finale that exists here. 

The Fire Knife Warrior (Native Samoan Warrior Dance)

Trained by the worlds top fire knife dancers of Samoa our male fire knife warrior spins his sharp knife around his body to fast tribal drum beats.  This is a traditional Samoan dance usually performed by warriors.   The World Fire Knife Competition says it best "Old Samoan traditions say warriors would use the relatively lightweight nifo oti like a hacking sword," Galea'i says, noting that some of these wooden swords or clubs had boar tusks or shark teeth attached, while others had sharp "teeth" carved into the edges that could do serious damage to an enemy in close combat."

The  Fire Poi Ball Girl (Native New Zealand Maori Warrior Dance)

Poi is a form of dance native to the South Pacific Island New Zealand where our female skillfully twirls 2 poi  (fire balls on a long chain) around her body making intricate patterns in the air.   She will dance to fast paced native chants/drum beat sounds. Poi were used many years ago by the Maori people of New Zealand to strengthen their arms and hands and build the skills needed for battle (men) and weaving (women).