Wooing Big Name Clients!

When Google and Coca-Cola planned a lu'au party to appreciate their employees they recruited The Hawaiian Dance Company to make it happen.

For a small company with under 8 performers we have managed to gather an impressive list of clients including appearances on TV Show, In-Law Weddings Wars, a private party for NHL Philadelphia flyers player,  Salesforce, CIBC, Grand & Toy, The Canadian Forces and many many more. 

La'aina Mo'ungaloa, the mother and reason this company exists today says "Today in most cities you cannot find real Polynesians willing to come out and hula for strangers. Not because we don't love other people but it is not our culture to dance at anything but our families special occasions and most of the girls and boys would be too shy.  It was my daughter who told me that people want to see the hula and they actually have lu'au's like we do!  I'm so happy she told me because now we have so many happy clients that love our culture just as much as we do!"   

We makes it very easy for a host to plan their event worry free because we will have everyone up and celebrating with our dancers.  We emcee the whole show, dance passionately to Tahitian drums, teach guests to hula and then we have a thrilling fire show that will melt any worries away!

We now provide shows to hundreds of clients each year including companies, schools, retirement residences, tv shows since its beginnings in 2010.

Hawaiian Hula Dancer for Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, Corporate Events and Kid’s Parties in Toronto

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Hawaiians/Polynesians...who are these exotic island people?!

Aloha let's answer some basic Hawaiian & Polynesian history questions you should know.  This new knowledge will definitely help you plan a more authentic and therefore exciting lu'au!

Who are the Hawaiians? 

Hawaiians are people whose ancestors come from Western Polynesia (Tonga and Samoa Islands).  These people, amazing navigators, travelled east to uninhabited islands long distances through rough waters and they finally arrived in Hawai'i. This is the history of the Hawaiians.  Tongans and Samoans still exist today and they practice many ancient "Hawaiian" customs as part of their everyday life such as: Tapa making ( painting tribal designs on bark cloth) and Imu (cooking pig and other foods by burying them under the earth). 

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